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Whether you want to make new connections in the music scene, share your music or simply share your thoughts and experience on our blog - Muso is the place where you can do all this, and more!

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Built for musicians by musicians

Muso is a place where musicians come together to collaborate, advertise themselves and build up their musical network.

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Use Muso to create your own homepage - including your personal profile, blog posts, events, reviews as well as videos and music. We tailor opportunities and suggestions unique to every profile - the more detail you input, the better the results!

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Good music deserves to be heard. Upload your music to Muso and share it across the world and discover new music daily! We won't take any ownership of your music - your music belongs to you.

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Every musician has a story and experiences to tell. Use the Muso blog to publish stories and we will help you to automatically reach a world wide target audience.

The Muso Promise

Security is very important to us. We promise to use all our best efforts to preserve the privacy and integrity of your data, making sure you are in control, 100% of the time.

Claire Rossi on Muso

"Joining up to Muso was perfect timing for me as I'm moving back to London and I really want to connect and collaborate with new musicians. Now I don't have to search for open mic nights and musicians."
- Claire Rossi (Vocalist, Pianist & Composer from London)

Bringing musicians together

When we started building Muso, we wanted to build a community that adapts to the needs of musicians and not the other way around. We asked ourselves: "Are Facebook pages, Soundcloud and MySpace really all there is to offer?" And the definite answer is no. As developers we know our tools can be the foundation of something so much more powerful to help all of you spend less time on a social network and get more out of it.

Muso is an entire eco-system for musicians helping you to connect with others, get your music heard, find musicians and opportunities and so much more.